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Tenant Social Outings Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct: PLH Social Outings & Events

PLH Responsibility

PLH staff and management will endeavour to keep all tenants / participants safe at all social events and outings and will always conduct a risk assessment of any proposed function or events and develop effective risk controls in line with a reasonably practicable approach in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth) (WHS Act).

To do this PLH will;

  • Arrange safe transport to social outings e.g. coach hire
  • Set clear boundaries about behaviour
  • Set clear start and finish times for the events where possible
  • Take steps to address and/or diffuse any conflict or potentially dangerous situations
  • Have a fair eligibility process in place to select tenants for outings. Initially, all tenants’
  • names will be placed on waiting lists for each event or outing. The following criteria will be used to fill the places;

    • Time on waiting list, priority for type of event e.g. school holidays program – families with children
    • No consistent or extensive rent or non-rent arrears
    • No history of anti-social; threatening or aggressive behaviour o Breach of residential tenancy Lease i.e. CTTT Orders etc.
  • Implement PLH Policy and guidelines to ensure these rules of conduct are enforced.

Tenant Responsibility

  • Respect the needs and comfort of other passengers / tenants / children i.e., no placing feet on seats whilst travelling
  • Parents and carers shall be responsible for the supervision of their children at all times, but may enlist the help of staff if available. Non-compliance of rules may prevent attendance to future social activities.
  • Seat belts where fitted must be used at all times. THIS INCLUDES CHILDREN. This is the law in NSW and carries heavy penalties, including fines and loss of licence, for both the individual and coach driver when breached.
  • No use of offensive or racist language; no discrimination or bullying
  • No eating and/or drinking (except water) unless the bus operator gives us permission
  • Front 2 rows (8 seats) are to be left vacant and made available for staff and/or disabled passengers and/or child restraint/safety seats.
  • NO SMOKING: Adhere to the laws / signage that bans smoking on buses and other public and community areas
  • Obey reasonable directions from the coach driver and PLH staff / organisers
  • Refrain from attracting / disturbing the attention of the driver except in the case of
  • NO ALCOHOL is to be consumed during the course of any PLH outings or events. Anyone found to be under the influence (or perceived to be) of alcohol and/or drugs will not be allowed to go on the trip. If you are found to be under the influence whist on the trip you will be let off the coach.

Please Note:

  • Management has the discretion as to who travels and who does not.
  • If permission is denied to any person, the organisation is under no obligation to inform the person why they are being refused travel.
  • No person will be permitted on the coach or at any of the events / outings without prior confirmation.
  • All allocations will be final.
  • Non-compliance of these rules may lead to exclusion from further outings and / or activities.

Booking Trips

Please advise staff, at the time of booking, if you have any specific needs i.e. wheelchair, walking aids, seating, dietary requirements etc.

The deadline for bookings will be 14 days prior to the event - No bookings will be accepted after this time unless a place has become available due to last minute cancellations etc.

Emergency Contact Number

If you need to contact trip organisers in cases of emergencies on the day of the outing (prior to office opening hours at 9:00am) e.g. cancellations at last minute directions/details etc. you can contact Jayne or Lynn on 0407 247 617.

Please tick to indicate that you have read, understood and agree to the Code of Conduct as outlined for PLH’s Social Outings and Events

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**Note: You will not be permitted on the coach or to attend any events if your signed copy of The Code of Conduct form is not received prior to the trips.
If you have any questions or require more information please contact us in the office.