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Payment Plan Agreement

This agreement is between...
Pacific Link HousingSuite 2, Level 1 10 William Street, GOSFORD NSW 2250


This agreement sets out the terms and conditions for repayment of amounts owing to Pacific Link Housing. (Tick as applicable)

Rent Arrears

Rent Arrears

2. I understand that under my Tenancy Agreement, my rent must be two (2) weeks in advance at all times.

Non-Rent Account Charges

Non-Rent Account Charges*

2. I give Pacific Link Housing permission to pay non-rent account charges from my rent in advance account until the non-rent is paid in full, while keeping my rent two (2) weeks in advance at all times.

Payment Plan

Payment Plan

2. I agree to pay the first instalment within 14 days, that is by:

*Non-rent charges may include water rates, tenant damages or other amounts PLH is legally entitled to charge. **Minimum additional amount is $50 per fortnight. Maximum term of Payment Plan is 3 months

I understand I am required to sign a Centrelink Multiple Consent Authority (MCA) form so that PLH may amend my Centrepay deduction in accordance with the above Payment PlanIf possible, I will reduce my amount owing by making lump sum payments where possible, or by renegotiating the repayment amount per fortnight when my financial situation improves.I understand that if my income is reassessed during this period my rent rebate may change and the total repayment I have to make will increase accordingly. I agree that if I have an existing Payment Plan or Specific Performance Order with a balance to pay, any new debt added during the Payment Plan or SPO term will have a maximum three (3) month repayment period applied.I also understand that if I fail to keep to this agreement, action may be taken to terminate my tenancy.

Please sign where indicated below and return a signed copy to this office within seven (7) days, in the pre-paid envelope provided – no stamp required.

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